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If you’re looking for a CV, there isn’t one. My LinkedIn profile is the closest you can get. I work as a digital producer for my one-man company, N. Nyman Ltd, and hunt for projects with potential for improving the end-to-end user experience and providing high impact for business value.

I have broad experience from various fields all having something to do with digital, affecting people (users, listeners, readers), and doing it all without forgetting about the realities and constraints of every-day business.

I’ve ran the company since 1997 but I’ve also worked for others during that time, namely as an art director for Grey Interactive, and as a strategist for Razorfish. Meanwhile I’ve dipped my toes in music production work, producing music for the Finnish market (for which I have a gold and double-platinum discs in the attic) and composing, producing and licensing my own music with the peak moment being a swift visit to the UK Singles Top 40.

In 2007 I co-wrote a book on social media and marketing, Yhteisöllinen media ja muuttuva markkinointi 2.0. In March 2008 the book was awarded the “Kultasulka” award — basically the book was chosen as the literary work of the year 2007 by the Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies.

For fun I tend to eat well, travel, snowboard, and very, very irregularly make new music. You can download some of my free music on the Softys website.

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