Opportunity in services for healthy eating 10:13 on Thursday

Healthy eating is an interesting area for digital services. There’s little variety in concepts: most services seem to center around tracking what you eat, and sharing recipes, more or less tailored for your situation.

The barrier of entry is relatively high, considering you have to provide a catalog of recipes, and not any recipes, but healthy recipes. Many services even provide menus created by nutritionists.

There’s seems to be potential that could be untapped by innovation or improvement. By innovating a clearly different concept that addresses the same needs, or by focusing design efforts to improve user conversion and retention.

This was sparked by a link I came across yesterday. Sadly the service has been discontinued: www.elamasikeittokirja.fi

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  1. Melanie Says:

    Interesting observation, as I have just started my thesis work in Service Design about exactly this challenge. Let’s see whether I succeed in addressing these challenges. Good to read that this is a valuable topic for many. Cheers