Mannerisms — Good or bad? 22:15 on Wednesday

Libertadores Ambulantes
Libertadores Ambulantes, originally uploaded by Marcel Caram.

As a designer, or a musician, is it better to try to avoid your mannerisms, or to try to exploit your mannerisms?

Continuously trying to break away from your mannerisms, your habitual style, is really hard. It’s trying to tackle the problem of “creating something new”. There will be numerous misses, nearly constant failing, but the few successful sparks on the way can be worth trying.

The other avenue is to push your mannerisms to the max, recognize you already have your visual style or your sound, accept what it is, and try to polish it to perfection. Not exactly easy either, and involves creating a body of work, almost like a string of versions of a single piece, created by evolution.

Which do you prefer? Is there a way to have both, or work a middle path?

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