Message Relay released 23:22 on Wednesday

Somehow I forgot to cross-post our so called company announcement here: we’ve released a tiny piece of ActionScript code for free consumption, called the Message Relay.

It’s a tool which we have used in all of our Flash programming projects (proving its reusability value!), and it lets you route data from object to object while avoiding direct references. There’s nothing wrong with direct references as is, of course, quite the contrary. But when you need to work with the DisplayObject hierarchy in Flash, it is very convenient that you don’t have to make those direct, fixed references all through the hierarchy, but you can instead pass the data with messages.

We’ve also found out that by using Message Relay our code can reflect the problem domain more closely: instead of passing data through the object hierarchies, or through the event mechanism, we can create messages with meaningful names that represent events in the project’s problem domain.

For example, instead of firing an event such as “loginDialog.CLICK”, you can send a message with the topic “user requested registration”, making it easier to understand how the code maps to the problem it is trying to solve.

Anyway, if you’re a Flash developer, or know one, please pass on the link. Thanks!

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