Interesting right now 08:15 on Wednesday

Here’s what seems interesting right now:

  • Networked electronics — taking what I know about the web, web 2.0, social networks, non-social networks, social objects, feeds, APIs, computing on clouds, etc, and using that knowledge in the context of devices, or even more specifically, components of devices. And when use case ideas emerge, thinking about the user interfaces required to monitor/operate those devices and networks.
  • Creating productivity applications — I’m still interested in project management tools and alternative ways of handling to-dos.
  • Edge of possible — definitely staying on the “possible” side of that edge. Staying close to the edge for the enjoyment of tackling hard problems, but at the same time being pragmatic, and avoiding idealistic and unrealistic visions.

2 Responses to “Interesting right now”


  1. Timov Says:

    Some time ago I got rid off all electronic gtd-tools and started to use pen and paper for handling tasks. No offense to David Allen, but complex todo-management simply won’t work in today’s hectic work environment (with loads of interuptions).

    However, if you come across a decent project management tools, or create one youself, here is one willing beta tester.

  2. Niko Says:

    When you notice pen and paper isn’t enough for you either, try The Hit List. ;)

    I have a pretty complex system of tags and smart folders set up in the app, but it works well enough to avoid task overload, and to enable selective focusing and forgetting.