I’m obliged under NDA to blog you nothing 00:07 on Tuesday

311207 time passes
311207 time passes, originally uploaded by Andrew Wallace.

It’s been two and half weeks since I wrote something here.

In this time I have found out, that working in a client office, under such an NDA that restricts me even from discussing who I have met with, is enough to effectively block me from thinking aloud in this blog. Or at all. I start to doubt what are my thoughts, and what should contractually become the intellectual property of my client, and by extension their client.

Is this beneficial to anyone? I doubt that.

Is this the standard of working for developers and designers? Definitely.

I wonder how much a free flow of ideas (if not specific concepts or designs) would increase the output of those of us working in highly protected industries and projects…

6 Responses to “I’m obliged under NDA to blog you nothing”


  1. Timov Says:

    I have worked under such agreement for over 6 years now. I’am starting to think that this affects to my CV in negative way, since there is no one to ask reference or recommendations.

  2. samin Says:

    Such is the life of external developer. In case you invent something, try getting your name in the patent applications to ease the pain :)

  3. Marko Says:

    This is truly a sad thing, and I’ve seen lots and lots of writings like your.

    Isn’t it funny when we are all of a sudden hearing everywhere how the web is opening up and corporates are becoming more transparent, it probably isn’t so? At least not with companies who don’t get how the web is changing and still try to control and keep everything a big secret, that is.

  4. Olli Says:

    Think about the people who signed an NDA on graduation day. Working under NDA for all their natural lives.. and consider yourself lucky.

  5. Mikko K Says:

    I’d like someone to steal my ideas!


    Democratizing Innovation by Erik Von Hippel explains why innovators might freely reveal their ideas instead of protecting them via ineffective patents and trade secrecy.

  6. Ksenia Says:

    i joined the club.. can’t talk of what i’m working on and it’s super awkward in many situation ;)) and also you can’t really take credit for success either! ;(