On being an entrepreneur 09:04 on Thursday

Working for my own company is first and foremost a choice of freedom. It provides the freedom of being able to choose interesting projects to work on and interesting people to work with. Running this tiny company was not a choice I made because I wanted to run a company and fine-tune a business to produce maxium profit.

Sometimes people have a hard time seeing that. Some business school grads think I’m stupid. Clients don’t always see the value of a team that’s committed to their project not because of the paycheck, but because we chose to.

Being an entrepreneur allows me to excel at what I’m good at, work with the people I like to work with, and generally make this big part of life that is work more enjoyable.

3 Responses to “On being an entrepreneur”


  1. Ilkka Kauppinen Says:

    You are absolutely right! I am sicken tired of the image that entrepreneurs usually give about their work: 24/7, you lose all your money, health and family. I think it is more about freedom to do what you want.

  2. Marko Says:

    Hi Niko!

    That’s the right attitude! I believe, that if many more people would sometime think things over like that, there would be a lot more happiness and joy joy in this grey rock we call Earth.

    Best of luck to your business, or should it be called “D.W.I.L.G.P.F.I” = Doing what I love and getting payed from it. :)

  3. samin Says:

    Amen to that.