Improving the TV 23:06 on Thursday

The Television Kitchen
The Television Kitchen, originally uploaded by 50s Pam.

Continuing on the needs, wants, qualities, valuables journey, here’s an example of what focusing on valuable qualities could mean in practice.

Let’s take a TV manufacturer as an example. I’ll use Sony, as our home happens to be equipped with a Sony TV.

Consumers buy TVs to fulfill their need for home entertainment. Sony fulfills this need by manufacturing TVs.

The old/current way to create additional reasons for buying Sony TVs is to improve on the basic TV tuner functionality: Sony might add connectors for game consoles, or the ability to connect a camera and display a slideshow on the TV.

The new way for creating additional reasons could be based on, let’s say, the valuable quality of community. Sony could figure out how the TV could increase the community aspects of home entertainment, how the TV could bring together the family (some might add, “again”). Or maybe the idea would be to unite not the family members, but friends in separate locations. Anyone who has chatted with friends while watching TV knows how much more entertaining TV can get.

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