Post-flight entertainment 11:28 on Thursday


One day in the future every trip on an airplane will be recorded with multiple cameras, for the entire duration of the flight.

Before they exit the plane, travelers will be able to download the full multi-angle video to their mobile devices. The file transfer will be near instantaneous, despite the huge file sizes. By then, every mobile phone will have enough storage capacity to store many videos like this.

It would be possible for the airline to keep a video archive of all flights made, where travelers could go to download the videos afterwards. That is not likely to happen though, because by this time we will have realized that we have to limit the amount of data we store. Not because of technological constraints, but simply because by then we will have learnt to let bits go.

So why would anyone want such videos? Perhaps for novelty, perhaps for including footage in their travel videos (or video logs). I don’t know.

3 Responses to “Post-flight entertainment”


  1. darren Says:

    i was thinking of something similar recently – i would love to be able to get the route in a kml format. viewable in google earth etc.

    on a recent trip i used sportstracker a lot to keep an eye on where i was (eg: http://flickr.com/photos/dw/3080198171/ ) – when i tried to use my e71 in offline mode on an airplane it wouldnt connect.

    as much as i love flying and staring out the window at earth go by underneath me – im not sure i would want to view it afterwards :)

  2. samin Says:

    I’m sure multiangle flight footage will be at least as popular as multiangle DVDs :)

  3. Niko Says:

    Samin: definitely. I just have a feeling that this is one of those “because we can” things that will happen. ;)