A possible side effect of the social internets 10:24 on Tuesday

a private party
a private party, originally uploaded by Trevira.

The old farts, the 30+ crowd I belong to, have this fear of the social internet. We (not me, of course) fear that by sharing our party photos online, by writing our thoughts to a blog, even by replying to discussion threads, we expose our private lives to the world. And we fear this, because somehow what is private must be embarassing. What is private must be inherently bad for our reputation. Once those party photos hit Facebook, your chances of getting a new job are ruined.


Here’s an alternative vision of the future: maybe the social internet will help/force people to be more open to other people’s traits and quirks and whatever they like to do outside the life that is work. A public online life gives others a view into more sides of one’s personality than we are used to. Maybe such exposure will make people become less strict about what is acceptable behaviour.

2 Responses to “A possible side effect of the social internets”


  1. Panu Says:

    I guess you haven’t read Ben Elton’s “Blind Faith”. He has a bit grimmer view on the future of public on-line life.

  2. Niko Says:

    No I haven’t. But doesn’t “everybody” have a grim view? Fear is so easy.