Mobile maps user experience benchmark 11:05 on Wednesday

On Sunday night I was hungry after putting the finishing touches to a new kitchen floor (not mine). I sat in the car (not mine), and decided to go for take away chicken tikka from Restaurant Himalaya.

I got the iPhone (mine!) and opened the Map application, which automatically centered on my location. I quickly panned the map a little to show the area around Himalaya, clicked on the search field at the top of the screen, and wrote “ravintola” (restaurant in Finnish) and pressed Find. I instantly noticed I had mispelled my search as “ravintolq”, but before I even moved my finger to correct the mistake, the phone asked me: Did you mean ‘ravintola’? I pressed Yes, and in half a second red pins rain on the map, showing the restaurants around the area. And the red pin in the center is automatically highlighted, with a small label on top saying “Ravintola Himalaya”. I click the label, and in slides the restaurant contact info. I click the phone number, and make a call to the restaurant.

Guess how long it took me from picking up the phone to hearing that familiar Nepalese accent over the phone? Less than 60 seconds.

You can have whatever features you like, but I dare say there is no other phone in the world at the moment which comes close to this user experience I had.

Below is a staged video showing you how it goes. 30 seconds from unlock to making a call.

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