Business wisdom applied to software projects 23:53 on Monday

There are many many great books about business. Those books contain wisdom, which sometimes become standard of operation. Watching the wisdom come true a year after year might make the wisdom so compelling, that one tends to forget it is business wisdom, not universal wisdom. The wisdom gets applied to other fields of work and life, not only to running business.

Reading through this list of business realities by Peter Drucker, I get this feeling that I’ve seen a few of these realities applied to software development — with less than promising results. (If you don’t know who Peter Drucker is, I suggest you get to know him.)

Consider the following:

Solving problems can only return the organization to its prior status quo. To achieve results [and growth] managers must exploit opportunities.

Constantly applied to software development, with the results being bloated and buggy piles of half-assed features.

Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.

This thought is very important when designing software and picking the features for development. But when the features have been picked, it is most important to not forget to do the things right.

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