On favorable news and unfavorable ease of use 18:37 on Wednesday

Two interesting bits off my reader today:

First, ReadWriteWeb asks:

Can you imagine a news-delivering web application so compelling that you would pay a couple of dollars per month for it? What would it look like?

They then go on about The Information Valet Project, which, while not necessarily a great answer to the above question, doesn’t make the question less interesting. What would such news service look like?

Next, Nicolas Nova points to research with this interesting quote:

For example, rather than using “ease of use” as a guiding principle, elders described difficult, yet enjoyable aspects of housework that technology removed

Ease of use is not necessarily the most favorable end goal. It’s probably outside good manners to even hint at the idea that usability and simplicity are not necessarily a favorable end goal. Making something simple might remove the part of a task that made the task worthwhile. Is it so that usable can equal dull?

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