Gurus and geniuses 23:10 on Saturday

Guru Arjan GurGaddi
Guru Arjan GurGaddi, originally uploaded by Man about Tao.

Artificial categorizations of people I’ve met recently:


Despite their elevated status, gurus don’t know more than others do. They just write things down. Gurus convincingly put into words what everybody knows. Gurus make common knowledge, intuitive knowledge, common sense into documented prose which can be shared, discussed, and built on.

Creative geniuses

These guys are not afraid to have and express their wacky ideas. They have great presentation skills — up to par with religious leaders. What they also have is an awful lack of communication skills. They really can not communicate clearly what their ideas are. Creative geniuses present their ideas with great energy and unparalleled enthusiasm. They sell the ideas, even though the buyer is not quite sure what is being sold. They get people excited, but also slightly doubtful: “I quite don’t get it… but it’s probably just me”. They’re artists. If you ask a creative genius to explain their idea in concrete detail, they will either talk at length, never really answering the question, or they will get angry at you for not understanding their genius.

True creative geniuses

True creative geniuses are few and far in between. They generally don’t talk enough about themselves. They’re quiet, not interested in publicity, and tend to keep to themselves. But when you get them talking, they spew out genius insights one after another.

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