More on urgency 07:56 on Wednesday

still and peaceful
still and peaceful, originally uploaded by Stitch.

Without urgency nothing happens.

How many things do you have on your list which you really want to do, but never get around doing? Even things you feel you need to do, yet fail to accomplish?

Without the desire to already have what you haven’t even started working on, nothing happens. Without the feeling of urgency, there is no motivation. Without motivation — nothing happens.

At work urgency can be created by good management and leadership. Or it might come from the looming deadlines which force you into that zone of creative/desperate drive (it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart). There is this strange connect between change management and personal productivity. Then again, some people just have it. They can switch on an attitude of urgency pretty much as needed. Others, like me, are left wondering why is it so difficult to nurture that attitude…

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