Why do I care about UX 08:42 on Tuesday

Shadows on concrete

People keep telling me that my presentation on user experience needs to be more concrete.

The problem is that I am not a “user experience professional”, in the sense of being someone who spends his days doing UX research, design, usability, etc. I see myself more as a keen observer, somewhat like a journalist trying to make sense of the developing story of user experience (and worth).

Why am I interested? Why do i want to report on this story? Because I want to do what I can to influence the creation of better things — products, services, brands, workplaces, everything. I might not be a practitioner, but I can do my tiny part, I can try my best to drive change. My UX efforts are about change management.

I believe in the importance of the first step in Kotter’s change model: an urgency of action needs to be established. People need to be inspired, people need to be motivated, they need to be told that they cannot wait before making their experiences better, before increasing their worth to users.

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