What is user experience worth? 07:58 on Monday

While discussing the recent popularity and the (too) many interpretations of the term “user experience”, Panu K suggested worth as an alternative for what I simply call “the Experience” in my presentation. I understand the usage of the word worth in this context comes from researcher Gilbert Cockton, and his paper Designing worth is worth designing (2006).

Cockton talks from the viewpoint of human-computer interaction design and defines the word with academic precision. If I tried to summarize in short, worth is synonymous to value, except with less distracting associations. You can play with the word in useful ways: is a product “worthy”, “worthless” service, “for what it’s worth”, etc. Worth is the level at which something deserves to be valued. How much value does a product create for users? How much is a product worth to users?

When I talk about the value of the total experience, the sum of experiences a user has had of a product, “worth” is not far off (in fact, it might be spot on, I’m not quite sure yet). You can have good days with a product, you can have bad days with a product, and all it does is to change the subjective worth of that product to you.

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    Interesting notion. Let’s have a chat about this.