How to give a good presentation 08:06 on Friday

Elements of a good conference presentation:

  • Show your energy and enthusiasm!
  • Align the knowledge requirement of your content just above what you think is the knowledge level of the audience. You will be under-estimating heavily anyway.
  • No. Fucking. History. Yes yes yes, “history sets the frame” and all, but I have yet to hear a presentation where the presenter told something historical that I did not already know, or where the framing provided by the history was even remotely useful. If I want to learn about history, I can go to a library.
  • If you’re demonstrating, let’s say, a new web service, show how the service works by going through what the users do step by step. Don’t tell how the technology behind the service works. People either a) know already about the technology or b) couldn’t care less.

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