Shift’08 recap 11:21 on Monday

So. I promised (myself mostly) to write more about the conferences I went to in the last weeks. MindTrek I have covered already, so the next one is Shift’08.

Shift was very enjoyable. I can’t really pinpoint why I liked it as much as I did. Maybe it was the variety of sessions, maybe it was the focus on concrete hands-on projects rather than more abstract conceptual thinking (which I thought I would enjoy more), maybe the rather small size of the conference, maybe it was the organizers who were all incredibly nice and somehow present all the time, maybe it was the incredibly pleasant, sunny and warm Portugal weather. Maybe the pizza party we missed as we wondered around for two and half hours, before finding the guys who had relocated to escape the rain.

Pizza Party - Wrap up
Pizza Party – Wrap up, originally uploaded by Ms.notMr.

All in all, if you’re interested in the crossroads of technology, software, web, electronics, even biotech, design, art, mobile, ubiquitous computing, etc. you should come next year.

Good conferences are not so much about getting new information but about making you feel energized. Too many conferences bring in high profile speakers who repeat their spiel over and again, but fail to invoke new thinking. It’s not about the speaker’s having something new to present, it’s about the speakers igniting the audience.

There were many interesting sessions, but I would like to highlight the ones that were most unexpected for me: Nuno Barreto’s enthusiastic session on Bioinformatics basics (or so I would think), and workshop by Nick Weldin, in which I made my first Arduino thingy!

3D cube within processing, controlled by light sensor on the Arduino.

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