Cultural differences 23:58 on Thursday

Dinner at Grill Royal

We found the following agreement over dinner with Alex of SoundCloud and this very nice guy from San Francisco whose name I cannot for the life of me remember right now (I beg forgiveness!):

  • In the States people are generally more open to new ideas, embracing them, and thinking where the ideas could go and how far the ideas could be taken. This makes coming up with ideas a rather rewarding exercise. The envious others will only start putting clogs in the wheels of your idea after you’ve already too far with it. This based on Alex spending three months in SF, and the other guy living there.
  • In Scandinavia people generally respond to ideas by trying to pinpoint why an idea would not to be worth pursuing in the first place, making it very unrewarding to come up with ideas. For this reason, people will often come off as envious of those who pursue their dreams. But when you push through and your idea really starts to get off, most people really want you to succeed, perhaps even hailing you as “one who made it”. This based on Alex living mostly in Sweden and me living in Finland.
  • In Germany you must really, really prove you’re really, really good, or you will be told to fuck off. This based on Alex visiting a hardcore hacker alt-party in Berlin. (I would add that by my experience of a total of seven days in Berlin I would say it is truly a city of unlimited opportunity. Only witness the diversity of food, music, design, fashion, culture, etc. and you see what I mean.)

This is my interpretation only of a slightly tongue in cheek conversation, but I think the point resonates nicely. The discussion could have been something totally different. I’m afraid that I was very, very drunk.

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