Social and Mobile Monday 22:40 on Monday

Tonight’s Mobile Monday Social and Mobile event was a slight disappointment, although not as much for it being a bad event than me having set expectations too high. The venue was packed and generally people seemed to be enthusiastic about the speakers.

Kaija Pöysti of Idean started off with an introduction to her upcoming book. Crowdsourcing and using web 2.0 at work (enterprise 2.0 anyone?) were the hot topics mentioned… Pardon my ignorance but I thought those cooled off quite a while ago?

Santtu Toivonen, also from Idean, continued with an unorganized and difficult to follow presentation on mobile crowdsourcing. Information drawn from a few websites combined with pseudo-research matrixes concluded that boredom defines the perfect time to hit people with crowdsourcing tasks on mobile. And they will be even more likely to participate if they get paid. Oh really.

Marc Davis of Yahoo! spoke about his (well, Yahoo!’s) efforts in creating ambient awareness. He mentioned the technologies Yahoo! is working on, including oneConnect (which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available in Finland), Blueprint (interesting!), and the location aggregator Fire Eagle. Great “heal the world” delivery, great phrases to get You involved, but basically a marketing speech to drive adoption of the Yahoo platform.

An important find for myself was to notice how easy it is for us geeks to mistake infrastructure products for consumer products. For instance, Fire Eagle seems like a slightly disappointing product, but seen as potential infrastructure, it could work in great way to users’ advantage.

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  3. Ilya Says:

    Hi Niko! Sorry to hear last night’s Momo was a disappointment — compared to many of the events, I thought it was rather good. Then again, I can’t really disagree with your breakdown of the presentations.

    It was meeting you, though!

  4. Ilya Says:

    Um, yeah, the last sentence meant to be: it was nice to meet you.

  5. Ville Vesterinen Says:

    Agree that the presentations sucked. Got the best insight while walking back from the venue with you, when we concluded that we might have very thin understanding of where the 80% of the population presides with regards to the ‘crowdsourced mashups’ and other sexy terms =) Not much necessarily a massive paradigm shift, but makes you really think about it when someone says it aloud.

    Yahoo propaganda was understandable since I can see these products actually helping someone to do something interesting (even though just like you said: ‘Didn’t Jyri talk about oneConnect-like ideas already in the 60s’). But what about the other presenters? Either the presenters really believe what they’re saying or they are irresponsible in purposefully misleading their audience. I’m not sure which one if worse. I’m still looking for some insightful person writing a book on Call Center Customer Service Done Right instead of a age old meme from a trendwatching.com that Tim O’Reilly has declared dead a year and half ago.