Sales management and experience design — What do they have in common? 10:40 on Thursday

This snippet of an idea is from a book I’m reading, Myynnin anatomia by Petteri Laine.

Sales management is setting and maintaining

  • a supportive environment — making it possible to sell well
  • requirements — making sure the sales people are striving towards the intended goals
  • motivation of the sales people — very important, considering you have to be happy about losing if you want to be a good seller

This is pretty much the same triad I have thought about regarding the management of designed experiences. To maintain and manifest an intended experience throughout a company and its activities, you need

  • a supportive environment
  • to make sure people are working towards the common goal (this includes the harsh job of yanking people off the wrong path, steering or even killing pet projects), and finally
  • to keep people motivated about the intended experience and their ability to provide the experience and make it real in what they do.

Maybe it’s just a basic lesson in management. Period.

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