The power of looking after others 19:59 on Sunday

This goes to everyone of you who has an influence on how other people in your organization go by their daily work (project managers take note):

…what most people really, really want is simply to feel good about themselves.

To make colleagues feel better has a lot to do with how we say things, but it’s also about…

  • Having a productive environment — Being able to concentrate on what’s important. Not having to wonder why the printer isn’t printing, why the network isn’t working, why the server isn’t responding, why the air conditioning is too hot/cold, why it takes so long for the Exchange mail to sync. Knowing who does what, knowing who’s responsible.
  • Having clear goals — Having clearly stated objectives to work towards to. Knowing you share a common vision with people you work with.
  • Knowing the next step — Having a small enough task to work on, so as completing the task is within the limits of possible, yet keeping the task challenging enough. Communicating clearly how the task at hand works towards the common goal.

What can you do to make your colleagues feel good about themselves? How can you make the environment more productive? What can you do to make the goals clearer? How can you help define the next steps, or split the work in perfectly sized chunks?

The quote is from Wake Up Tiger.

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