Word feedback 03:41 on Thursday

Top feedback on Microsoft Word, according to André Braz’s blog:

  1. Makes it easier to create professional looking docs
  2. More fun to use
  3. More enjoyablefewer steps to get things accomplished
  4. More intuitive
  5. More easy to find and discover new functionalities

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how these points were gathered. Let’s assume for the sake of argument they were drawn together from actual user feedback, ie. user requests.

My comments on these points:

  1. The “professional looking” templates are for home users who dream of the day they will quit their boring job and start their own home-based business doing what they always wanted. Everyone else is either forced to use the corporate templates, or too busy to spend time browsing the templates.
  2. If you’ve ever been to a busy workplace, one where there’s never enough time, you will know that “let’s make work more fun” is mostly an insult.
  3. More enjoyable I can agree with. Not sure if fewer steps are the way to accomplish that goal.
  4. Who doesn’t want more intuitive software? It’s a bit like saying the users prefer the new version of Word to be better than the previous one. No shit.
  5. When people are busy, they usually fight against any pressure to learn new functionalities. The basic assumption is that learning new stuff takes too much time (of which working people do not have), and the payoff is probably not good enough.

So answering that feedback is tricky. Simply providing the obvious doesn’t cut it — more templates more in your face, more colorful bigger buttons in “fun” wizards, more options squeezed in less clicks, more help features and tutorials — they are not going to make users happier.

3 Responses to “Word feedback”


  1. samin Says:

    Meanwhile, we’ve moved to Pages ages ago. It does points 1-5 with an ease, AND gives me some slack being transparent enough to actually have me concentrating on the subject at hand – work.

  2. Niko Says:

    Pages works great — until you need to do a long document using headings with legal numbering…

  3. Henkka Says:

    Office 2007 on a Windows box is something very different. Try it with Fusion, 2.0 was just released!