Privacy, Google ads, and global warming 00:20 on Wednesday

What is it with the fear people have about Google ads and privacy? Stan Schroeder of Mashable says he would rather have ads that aren’t perfectly targeted in exchange for more privacy. But what exactly do you gain by this “increased privacy”?

If I’m going to have ads cluttering my screen anyway, I would rather have perfectly targeted ads. Doesn’t the increased privacy come with increased waste of resources? Having well targeted ads means less data noise, which makes it the green thing to do.

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  1. Tommi Vilkamo Says:

    I think people are more afraid of other people seeing what kinds of ads The Perfect Ad Machine shows you, about the others finding about your hidden self. You know, even if you would be happy that Google knows about your hemorrhoids before you do, the ads about the cure might lead to inconvenient situations…