A Windows moment 23:15 on Friday

At times I am reminded why I enjoy working on Macs over Windows PCs. Courtesy of a PC-loving friend (who I have swore I will never try to talk over from the dark side ;) — here’s what his Windows XP did when he inserted an audio CD and tried to play all the tracks:

Want to play a CD? Go ahead and try...

Indeed, choosing to play a full 17-track album may take a long time. Thanks for reminding me. Or maybe Windows wants to actually play all the tracks at once, i.e. simultaneously, because most people enjoy listening to more than one piece of music at the same time. In that case, it is a good reminder that this connoisseur experience might cause your computer to respond slowly.

In any case, for every Windows user out there, I suggest you try inserting an audio CD in a Mac and see how it actually behaves much like an ordinary CD player.

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