Technology is a user experience issue 23:28 on Thursday

More often than not a problem in the underlying technology of a system equals a problem in the user experience of the system. As a programmer I am deeply familiar with this causal relationship.

Providing Good Experiences is the responsibility of everyone, not just of the designers who think how systems should work for the user, or what systems should look like. It’s as much the responsibility of those who build the designs — in the case of software, us programmers. But it’s also the responsibility of the managers to make time for everyone to do their best work. To ask the programmers to deliver three months worth of work in two months will result in technical problems, which will turn into user experience problems.

2 Responses to “Technology is a user experience issue”


  1. Pat Says:

    Which, more importantly, will reflect poorly on the brand and company overall.

    Why are so many projects underbid or underscoped?

  2. Niko Says:

    Which, in turn will affect the business of the company. Business being the cash flowing to the owners of the company.