Two kinds of code 00:21 on Friday

There are two kinds of programming code in the world:

  1. crappy code, and
  2. code you have not yet written.

When you’re planning The Next Project, you swear this time you’ll do everything in a super smart way. You promise to program code so perfect, the logic and functionality will not have to be ever updated, and the ease of extending the code and adding (the inevitable) new features will always be a refreshing surprise for you and the other coders that come after you. Your method names will be self-explanatory, and your javaDoc comments complete and compliant.

So why is it, that every time you peek at the code of your previous project, or worse, any project finished two years ago, the code looks horrid? For the life of you, you cannot accept the fact that it really was you who wrote that unmaintainable, non-extendable, and incomprehensible code consisting of half-assed patterns, never called utility functions (“I better program in feature X, we might need this someday…”) and failed re-usable classes.

You can recognize a seasoned coder by how well they cope with the code of others. But a true Phantom, king of the code jungle, is the coder who can comfortably look at old code of his own.

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