Splurge! 09:44 on Saturday

The book How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas suggests you to splurge out your ideas. That’s writing down whatever comes to your mind, in raw form!

With the raised bar of quality control I’ve exerted on myself after the book writing process, maybe splurging could help me write this blog? Maybe it will make the blog more about cats? On the other hand, I like blogs that seem written with thought, with one idea per post, and not the kind of blogs that have a stream-of-consciousness style.

But after all, maybe it’s best to just write down things, even in a less optimal style, rather than write nothing because inability to keep imagined standards.

The book is excellent though, I recommend it to everyone.

2 Responses to “Splurge!”


  1. henkka Says:

    Just email your ideas to yourself. Saved and archived :)

  2. Niko Says:

    I do write ideas down, but that’s different than sharing my oh-so-interesting ideas with You. ;)