Server switch successful 15:07 on Tuesday

Despite all my fear of unknown, we had an unbelievably smooth transition over to the new server with a mere two minutes downtime or so. Thank you Henkka for awesome system operator mastery, inspecting our old Solaris server and transferring all our files, databases, cvs repositories and software to the new Dell CentOS system with zero faults. Thank you Nebula support for flexibility and making the physical switch over painless. The only thing missing now is the green kryptonite glow I had to add to the photo below with my mad Photoshop skillz.

I celebrated the new server by upgrading to WordPress 2.5. Oh goodness.

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  1. Back online — /personal

  3. Visa Says:


    WP upgrade seems to have killed ääkköset in your posts, though:

  4. Visa Says:

    And pressed the submit too soon, before adding the link: http://www.nnyman.com/personal/2008/03/27/sulka-hattuun/

  5. Niko Says:

    Good catch. Now off to finding out what the heck might be causing this…

  6. Niko Says:

    It’s the new DB_CHARSET field in wp-config. My database is apparently not utf-8 — any idea what it might be? :)

  7. Visa Says:

    ISO-Latin-1 (or “latin1_swedish_ci” in sqlspeak), most probably.

  8. Niko Says:

    That seems to work. Thanks (once again ;).