Interestingness of stuff 08:22 on Tuesday

I’ve come to think there’s something important I need to learn:

Putting interesting stuff aside to “take a better look later” is equal to throwing the interesting stuff away.

That goes for things to read on the web, magazines, books, TV shows, documents for those “drifting along” projects that I should keep up with but not really work on, cultural events…

So to make a binary question of this (that’s black & white for you people in the world of the living): am I really interested in the stuff, that is interesting, but not interesting enough to read now? Or am I wasting my life looking at only mediocre stuff and skipping everything that truly interests me?

One Response to “Interestingness of stuff”


  1. Mikko N Says:

    Interesting. I’ll get back to this when I have a little bit more time ;)