Nokia N810 first impressions 09:29 on Wednesday

Recently I was offered a free Nokia N810 internet tablet. How could I refuse? Knowing some of the people who have worked on the tablet I feel bad saying this, but after using N810 for a few weeks I can only say it really is not good. I mean, it’s mediocre at best. If I had paid anything for it, I would be furious.

Compare N810 with the touch-enabled iPod: iPod Touch is a device that feels better than anticipated from the moment you pick it up. The more you use it, the more aaahs, ooohs and wows you encounter. Of course this is just the sweet beginning, and I’m sure that six months of use would uncover certain shortcomings in the design of iPod Touch. But the user is unlikely to care, for the iPod is so cool.

The N810 internet tablet on the other hand starts with a promising unboxing experience: the metal-cased device feels very solid, and the package seems to include everything from headphones to a car mount. It looks like everything you need is there. For once!

The downhill starts when you turn N810 on. From there, every single functionality I’ve tried is worse than you would imagine. The more you use the device, the more disappointments you will encounter. You’re happy to find out you can configure the N810 email application to fetch your Gmail — you’ll be disappointed after finding out the app only fetches the subjects of the emails. You’re enthusiastic about the Maps app, the car mount and GPS functionality — until you find out route planning is an extra feature you have to pay 100 euros more to use. It’s great N810 has a camera — apart from the fact you can only use it for Skype, not taking pictures (actually, the image quality is almost unintelligible, so you wouldn’t want to use the camera anyway). And so on. I don’t want to use this thing for six months to find out how crappy it will get!

As said, I feel bad saying this, but this product is simply Not. Good.

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