Pussel X-mas card 17:43 on Thursday

It’s christmas time, so we decided to cook up a little Flash toy for sending seasons greetings.

Pussel xmas card screenshot

So how does it work?

The animation consists of randomly selected symbols of different shapes, which are “glued together” based on the size of the symbols’ edges. Some symbols are skewed, some slightly tilted, and this makes the resulting string of symbols twist and turn and change size.

The shadow was a tough one. The animation creates sort of depth layers, so the shadow of the moving symbols is cast in a way that it looks like the underlying symbols are on various distances away. Lots of bitmap manipulation going on there to achieve this effect…

And for last, the whole backend for showing messages on the symbols and sending messages to the server is built on top of a WordPress blog. Messages are sent via WordPress’s XML-RPC interface, and new messages are fetched from the blog’s feed.

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