Branding by experience 12:39 on Monday

I finally watched Jared Spool’s Google Tech talk, Strike Up The Brand: How to Design for Branding. If your work involves marketing or branding, you should watch it too.
Thanks Tina, it definitely was up my alley.

Branding is about mind share, and minds are conditioned more by memorable and personal experiences than by “sensory branding”, exposure to visual, aural or other sensory inputs. If you don’t know what I mean about these inputs, I’m talking about logos, colors, typography, branded spaces, audio branding, even smells or creating brand-specific tactile experiences. All of these are secondary if the experience a customer has sucks. Bryan Eisenberg asks does usability actually sell anything. I would say it is pivotal to creating good experiences, broadly speaking with any device.

Jared Spool says exposure to brand identity keeps the brand in mind of the customer for a good 24 hours. During that time, the customers are more likely to associate their needs with products of that given brand. This is called dispositional branding.

I’m left wondering if exposure to sensory branding works as an amplifier for the brand image created by how the customers have experienced the brand? After a bad experience with phone support of brand X, will every brand X logo seen keep the bad experience in mind for the next 24 hours? If so, the long wow is ever more important.

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