Recreating the offline experience 12:06 on Wednesday

Mark Hurst writes:

…over at Brookstone, they’re trying to “recreate the in-store experience” on the website, something I haven’t heard so much about since the last bubble:

As in Second Life, Brookstone’s 3-D store lets users move freely through an animated world. … According to Greg Sweeney, a Brookstone vice president, the new service is purely experimental at this stage. He acknowledged some hurdles could give shoppers pause, like the fact that they must download an application before trying the service.

The VP speaks the truth. Customers will indeed “pause” before downloading an application, going through an installation wizard, learning the navigation interface, and flying around trying to read the labels on small 3-D boxes (see screenshot here). In fact many customers will pause permanently – and may never return.

I’ve said this before and I say it again: it’s all VRML again.

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  1. Janne Says:

    Totally agreed here. I did loads of studies on the subject in late 1990s – even a thesis – and I never really quite understood why anybody would use a 3D UI, except as entertainment.