KLM and co-created innovations 20:32 on Wednesday

This is from an email I got from PICNIC:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, for example, harnessed PICNIC’07′s concentrated mind power at its Flight of the Future brainstorming sessions. At five such workshops, delegates tossed around ideas for the ideal 2012 airline experience. An artist captured their suggestions in sketches; these included on-board gambling, customer-generated online travel guides, and connecting like-minded passengers using digital profiles.

What great ideas and fresh innovation! Can’t wait ’til it’s 2012! Let’s see:

  • In 2004 Ryanair looked into the possibility of offering free flights funded by on-board gambling (USA Today).
  • One could say services like TripUp, Tripadvisor or IgoUgo are customer-generated online travel guides. IgoUgo launched in 2000. But even more I am waiting to see what the guys at Dopplr are able to do with their city-specific tips shared by users.
  • Digital profiles… umm, I guess you are talking about building a community? Yes, you can try to build a community. In fact many have tried. And almost as many have failed. Maybe in 2012 it will be easier, but I doubt that.

So, KLM. Customer co-creation is a great concept. Just make sure you benchmark the creations before getting too excited.

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  1. PA Says:

    I guess Virgin is already connecting like-minded passengers by i.e. letting one see who’s watching the same movie and start a chat session with her.

    I took one course recently where we tried out different brainstorming techniques and our domain happened to be airline traveling as well. Of the ideas we came up with, one of my favorite is on board karaoke. Just use one lavatory as a studio for the singer and broadcast the video feed on one of the internal tv-channels.