Work towards the right thing 23:36 on Wednesday

One thing about company life has started to irritate me more and more lately: employees who do not work for the benefit of their company. Fortunately I have no first hand experience of these people, and I hope I will never have to work for anyone like that.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely against requiring people to work long hours, or “commit to a company”. I’m completely for creative side-projects within the enterprise. I believe people should emphasize their personal life, spend minimum time at work, but use that time to enthusiastically work towards making the company successful — even if this means working against their superiors.

But I loathe people who pick up salary only to further their own goals. People who take part in office politics. People who fight for the biggest budget not because they need it, but because they get a kick out of having a bigger budget than the guy in the next cubicle. And then they waste the company money in bad project management, windmill decisions, and unnecessary expenses.

I don’t hate those people for ruining big company profits. I hate them for making work uninteresting for everyone in their sphere of influence, at their workplace and in all the companies they hire to burn their money.

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  1. Mikko N Says:

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