Ovi 16:34 on Sunday

The first time I read the news about Nokia’s internet services brand Ovi, I had this strange feeling of deja vu.

Nokia Ovi

And yesterday, while sipping a coffee at Tablo it hit me. On the table they had the latest Ovi magazine.

Ovi lehti

Obviously the logo is not the same, but with the rounded forms it’s similar enough for my head to get them mixed. I have no doubt Nokia’s Ovi brand will run over the Ovi magazine in the coming months, though…

And finally, there’s another magazine in Helsinki called The Ovi. As you can see, they are not competing in the logo race:

Ovi magazine

One Response to “Ovi”


  1. Asa Butcher Says:

    Whatever the logo… we were first out of them both!