World is not that flawed 17:22 on Saturday

Bad habit of the day: listing flaws of the world. Like stupid news. Or broken design. Celebrities acting out. Sometimes pointing out and listing those flaws can be funny. But in the long run… it’s not.

I’m the first to object to people who say criticism is unjustified if the critic doesn’t have a suggested solution to offer. What kind of a world would this be if everyone were to shut up about topics that are broken and they don’t know how to fix? It would make politics easy though (but I don’t want to think about the results).

But there’s a thin line between useful criticism — that of pointing out flaws which can be fixed to improve products, thinking, and the world — and just pointing out flaws.

A casual mention of yet another flaw seems harmless. Add an irritated tone of voice and you’re not observantly drawing people’s attention to something that needs fixing, but merely polluting the day with more useless and negative information. Blurting out a flaw is not a good conversation starter.

As anyone who knows me can attest, as much as anything this post is a note to myself.

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