Notes on social interactions from a geek perspective (yes, it’s about Facebook again) 11:27 on Saturday

I’m really bad at greeting people who I’m not sure will recognize me. It’s silly — I mean, what’s the harm in greeting someone, even if they don’t recall you? I think this bad habit comes from either being Finnish, or being a geek. Or from the sorry combination of both.

Anyway. I’ve realized Facebook works quite nicely as an icebreaker. I can add someone I hardly know, who I’ve talked to ten years ago, who I wouldn’t dare to say “hi” to on a street, and if they add me in return, I know they recognize who I am. If they don’t, nothing happens. No humiliating “who’s that freaking unknown guy greeting me on the street” looks. Perfect for geeks.

In addition, I’ve found the Facebook poking feature to be an even more subtle version of the same. If you really, really are not sure about someone being the person you’re looking for, you can first “poke” them. If they return the poke, then ask to add them as friends.

And PS, if you still don’t “get Facebook”, don’t worry. Nobody does. You don’t have to join in.

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