The social graph 15:45 on Friday

Turns out what I talked about previously regarding Facebook seems to be called my social graph. (I’m betting you’ll hear from this term again…)

2 Responses to “The social graph”


  1. Niina Says:

    Sociologists, psychologists communication researchers use term social networks to describe social relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations and other entities whereas mathematicians and computer scientists have used graph theory to explain graphs.

    Social network is out, social graph is in. But what is the difference?

  2. Niko Says:

    My answer is: nothing. The proponents of “social graph” my argue otherwise. For me the main problem with both social network and social graph is they are equally nondescript. Everyone involved vaguely knows what others mean by those terms. I think we don’t need more vague terms for overall concepts, rather clear terms for specifics. Easier said than done, of course.