Who are my Facebook friends? 22:46 on Tuesday

Every social app/site/service requires you to make a decision, whether implicit or explicit, of who to include in the network you’re modeling with the service in question. Personally I find myself feeling uneasy when I start using a new service and have not decided what I use it for and who I will mark as “friends”.

Facebook has truly landed in Finland in the last weeks and I’ve had to tackle this problem once again. After contemplating for a while, I decided on how to use Facebook: from now on I’ll add anyone I’ve ever met or corresponded with to my list of friends, with the aim of creating a model of all the people I’ve been in touch with. Whether we’re friends IRL or not. A bit like an address book, with relationships. And faces.

Seems like some other people are coming to the same conclusion, although from different starting points.

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  5. Mikko N Says:

    I hope Facebook stays “cleaner” than MySpace.

  6. O K Says:

    The ability to comprehend what actually happened in your life without a tool like this is or can be very limited. Facebook, I think, is like the broken phone game in writing.

  7. Tommi Vilkamo Says:

    Came to the same conclusion, after trying to keep it private and real-friends-only. It’s tough to reject an friend invitation from your boss etc. And after that, the only way forward is to keep it as your public contacts book, and not to publish anything too private.

  8. Niko Says:

    There’s an opening for someone to make a social network that honors and models the separate but overlapping networks of your real life… WINK!

    And I’ll add you on Facebook. ;)

  9. horia stanescu Says:

    I quite Facebook,of course, it was a complete waste of time. I was embarrased everytime I log on, everytime I added a new application that forever asked me to send something to my “friends”:-)

  10. Niko Says:

    I can’t count how many times in the last days I’ve heard the question “What’s Facebook for? Isn’t it just complete waste of time?” Well, anything you don’t have use for is complete waste of time. The thing with Facebook (and with most social networking services) is that you have to define how you use it yourself.

    I’ve found use for Facebook: I’m adding everyone I’ve ever met, aiming to create a “complete” list of people I kind-of-know. I’ve chosen to ignore all silly app requests and concentrate on documenting my relationships. For now it’s fun, which in itself is a good reason to use an app. But I’ve also reunited with old colleagues, got freelance jobs for my friends, got job requests, birthday party invitations, etc.

  11. Tina Aspiala Says:

    I’ve started using it to organize random events with my friends. Create a group called “I want to go Kayaking with Tina”, and when enough people join, create an Event and invite them all. It’s a nice way of keeping track of which of your friends wanted to do what, and then actually doing it.