Logic 8 released 17:26 on Wednesday

Logic 8 is out!

3 Responses to “Logic 8 released”


  1. Sumppi Says:

    Yays all around, applefied UI at last. The single window interface might finally make me get a 30″ display :)

  2. Peppe Says:

    Yeah, it’s good… :-D I’ve got a full install package of Logic Studio and it’s so goddamn sleek on my home setup (a brand new 24″ iMac) I can hardly breathe.

    What’s even more amazing: they’ve managed to hone a few filthy bugs off AND at the same time added a few new features – features, not bugs. I’m impressed. Just the Delay Designer destroyed two hours of my life. :-)

  3. Mikko N Says:

    And cheap as hell! I need to go shopping right NOW!