Fine waters 10:06 on Saturday

Every day something new: here’s how to classify bottled waters. I ended up here after finding out about the new Finnish designer water Veen and their impossible to find website. If you work for Veen, email me and I’ll sort you out with some SEO. ;)

2 Responses to “Fine waters”


  1. Antti Eklund Says:

    Dear friend of VEEN, thank you for your interest in our brilliant water!

    Unfortunately to you and all other friends of fine spring waters, all web pages are hard to find before you know they exist. But you are right, we must add some more weight to VEEN google searching.

    The good news is that VEEN has the best water on the planet, even if tastes might vary. Another piece of good news is that the glass bottle for VEEN Velvet received an award for “The best Bottle in Glass 2007″ in a global competition. I hope you can get a possibility to taste VEEN in the very near future at the best restaurants near you!

    And please don´t hesitate to help or inform us in any way, we´d love to listen to you!

    Antti Eklund Brand Director, VEEN Waters Finland Oy

  2. Steve Says:

    Now that you’ve found the website you’ll probably want to find the water. wawali is Spain’s leading specialist in premium waters and is exclusive distributor of VEEN. For more information visit us at: http://www.wawali.es

    Steve Rowe wawali – Water Way of Life, S.L.