Businesses: Use my information to my benefit. Please. 12:32 on Saturday

Just yesterday we had a discussion about how important it is to respect the time of others, particularly when using digital communication such as email. After receiving the new Finnair newsletter, I have a couple of free tips to Finnair:

  • Don’t tell me about “potentially” expiring frequent flyer points. You hold the information about my bonus points, use it to customize the newsletter. (I’ve written more about this very same issue before, in Finnish.)
  • Don’t offer me bonus trips that are out of my reach with my current frequent flyer points balance or loyalty level. You’re giving me information I don’t need, information waste. It is not good for your brand to waste my time.

These tips also touch on something we write about in our forthcoming book: companies should think not only how the companies themselves can benefit from the information customers give to them, but how companies can make the information work for the customers. Either in aggregate (think last.fm or Amazon recommendations) or individually.

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  4. Petri Says:

    Finnair’s website hasn’t liked Macs in the past, although the new site seems to be working better. Maybe their newsletter isn’t formatted to look normal on a Mac… wrong character coding perhaps? But that doesn’t solve the problem with images. Oh well.