Learn gambling 20:12 on Friday

I interrupt my busy vacation schedule for the following shocking news heard on radio this morning: Turun suomenkielinen työväenopisto (an adult education center owned by the City of Turku) is offering courses in net poker. Ten euros buys you 30 solid hours of training in gambling. I guess it would have been easier to offer this course for free, and then for the instructor to clean the students of their pocket money in the game…

I marked this as “fun”, although I’m not sure if this is more tragic than fun. Seeing is believing:

Pokerin alkeet, kurssikuvaus

4 Responses to “Learn gambling”


  1. hlehto Says:

    This is interesting in two ways. A course such as this is a great way to create buzz for Turun suomenkielinen työväenopisto. Judging from the press that it has received, they have succeeded extremely well.

    Secondly, almost anyone who can grasp the concept of expected value and do some multiplication and division can be trained in less than ten hours to be a winning player on hobby-level stakes.

    Probably (and hopefully) no one is getting this course to get from zero to a pro poker player, but this is more useful than your typical työväenopisto course.

  2. Niko Says:

    Useful in what sense?

  3. hlehto Says:

    From the individual’s point of view it’s useful in making a small profit and not getting beat while spending their time at the hobby they love.

    I really hope that they teach the new players that there is no luck whatsoever involved in the long run. If you lose consistently, you are doing something wrong or playing for too large stakes for your skills.

    From the society’s point of view there’s no usefulness, but then again – having a hobby does not have to be profitable to society, only to the individual.

  4. Mikko N Says:

    Can I still apply?