Healthy schedule restaurant 16:05 on Friday

Hello dear readers. I continue with my sporadic posting schedule and irrelevant topics by introducing you to a restaurant concept I would like to see. If you live outside Finland and your city is full of this kind of restaurants, please don’t let me know and make me jealous.

I’d like to see a restaurant or deli or cafe built around a healthy eating schedule. Different foods would be served at different times of the day:

  • Breakfast or brunch would be served in the morning, let’s say until 11am.
  • Then lunch until 2pm, followed by
  • light and fresh afternoon snacks until 5pm.
  • Maybe there would be tea until 7pm?
  • Dinner could be served from 7pm to 11pm (not later, we’re not in Spain).
  • Perhaps additionally a selection of supper food from 9pm to midnight. And of course,
  • ice cream until 2am! Ice cream after midnight is healthy, isn’t it?

Anyone out there, if you build this (in Helsinki), I will come.

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