Kirja 2.0 – Natives vs. immigrants 10:54 on Tuesday

In the book we put forward an argument that internet using people have divided in two groups. The words we use in Finnish are “turistit ja asukit”, which doesn’t quite translate to but is derived from Marc Prensky’s idea of natives and immigrants (direct link to PDF).

The immigrants are those who “use a computer to access the internet”, and the natives live the internet without thinking about it much. They Jaiku their plans and scrobble their music, and it just happens to work because of this thing called the net.

We say internet usage has developed in four phases, from usage as a pure information source to a commercial platform, then on to becoming used as a participatory or social playground, and moving into the future, increasingly being used via mobile devices.

Internet uses vs user adoption

The divide between natives and immigrants corresponds roughly to the borderline between commercial and participatory use; natives are at home using internet for social purposes, while immigrants can buy their CDs from Play.com but will rather not share their life online.

2 Responses to “Kirja 2.0 – Natives vs. immigrants”


  1. Tina Aspiala Says:

    Locals vs. tourists might be a better translation? Immigrants implies they’re moving in and will soon be assimilated into the natives.

  2. Niko Says:

    Actually, now that you pointed it out, I realize immigrants is the right word. Our argument is that given enough time most, if not all people will start using the tools and “language” of the natives.

    Words are always a bit tricky when you’re writing in a language not your own. ;)