Kirja 2.0 – The wakeup call 01:43 on Monday

More on our book — It starts with a wakeup call for marketers:

The Finnish businesses are on the 1.0 bandwagon. Where’s the social internet of Finland? And why should anyone build towards such a thing? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Web is the target media for other marketing channels, making it where all marketing planning should start.
  • Unlike 10 years ago, the net is now hugely social. People are actively communicating, creating together, and sharing stories. If you’re a company, they’re talking about You. Yes, right now.
  • And the activity is huge, in Finland too. Most Finns go to sauna once a week. 2% of god-fearing Finns go to church each week. Half of Finnish teens visit IRC-Galleria every week. That’s some stats — just remember this: there’s white lies, lies and then there’s statistics.
  • The net is not about technology, it’s about people, and the “new” social behaviour will change marketing.

Finns are asking “what is this web 2.0 thing anyway?” When they should be asking “Why does it matter?” and then “How can we benefit from it?”

We wrote the book because we want to try and answer all those questions. And most importantly, we want to get people excited enough to spend a tiny bit of their marketing money on building something so-two-point-ohh.

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