Kirja 2.0 – Introduction 14:12 on Saturday

For the last ten months Sami and I have been writing a book and right now we’re putting the finishing touches to the text for handing it over for a final check by our fine publishing editor at Talentum.

As it is finally becoming clear to me what we’re actually talking about, I thought to post some notes and ideas from the book during the coming days. Let’s see if I get past one.


The Finnish title of the book will be Yhteis√∂llinen media ja muuttuva markkinointi 2.0. Yes, it’s a 2.0 book. A blatant marketing ploy to sell more of it!

The book is about the most fundamental change in marketing since way back, and how the internet is at the core of that change. Marketing must become a genuinely two-way communication channel. Companies must empower their customers who are creating value for their peers and turn that into the companies’ advantage.

We have intended the book for businesses who are interested in the behavioral change enabled by the social internet and not necessarily so much in acronyms and the technology represented by those letter combinations.

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